Reporting misconduct FAQs

04 May 2018

What exactly is IntegrityLine?

IntegrityLine is a confidential mechanism for individuals wishing to report allegations of misconduct related to the ICRC. The organization's Ethics, Risk and Compliance Office has retained EQS IntegrityLine, an independent company, to provide this service. Reports of alleged wrongdoing provided through this hotline are stored on a secure server and sent only to the Ethics, Risk and Compliance Office.

Why should I report?
The Ethics, Risk and Compliance Office encourages reporting in good faith of allegations of misconduct under ICRC's Code of Conduct so as to enhance the organization's culture of accountability, respect and integrity and thereby to help ensure that ICRC can carry out its mission as effectively as possible.

What should I report?
ICRC defines "Misconduct" as any conduct that violates the ICRC Code of Conduct, related policies or applicable laws or regulations, for which sanctions may be imposed by the ICRC. Wrongdoing that may be reported using this hotline includes but is not limited to:

  • Sexual exploitation and abuse
  • Sexual harassment
  • Inappropriate behavior, including bullying and harassment (other than sexual)
  • Fraud, theft, bribery and corruption
  • Conflicts of interest

To enable the Ethics, Risk and Compliance Office to review each allegation thoroughly and investigate as required, the Office encourages anyone seeking to report an allegation of misconduct to provide as much information and evidence as possible, and where to find such evidence. This would include as much of the following information as possible:

  • What alleged wrongdoing are you reporting?
  • Describe in detail what happened.
  • Who committed the alleged wrongdoing? Was anyone else involved? Provide full names and titles if possible.
  • When and where did it happen? Indicate dates and times, if available.
  • How did the individual commit the alleged wrongdoing?
  • Why do you believe the activity was improper?

Please keep in mind that those who initially read your complaint or investigators may not be familiar with your local context or local laws, so as much detail as you are able to give is helpful.

The IntegrityLine online reporting platform will guide you in a simple and straightforward manner through each of these questions.

How will my report of alleged misconduct be treated?
Strict confidentiality standards as well as procedural safeguards apply to investigations conducted by the Ethics, Risk and Compliance Office. Information provided in your report will not be shared outside of the Ethics, Risk and Compliance Office without the consent of the reporting person.

When allowed by local law, reports may be made to the IntegrityLine anonymously. However, all individuals making a report are encouraged to disclose their identity as doing so enables the Ethics, Risk and Compliance Office to investigate the issue more thoroughly.

If you do provide your personal details when making a report, the Ethics, Risk and Compliance Office will not disclose them unless you give your explicit consent.

What happens next?
When you complete the online form you will receive a personal identification number that will allow you to check for updates while at the same time enabling the Ethics, Risk and Compliance Office (ERCO) to ask any follow-up questions. The ERCO will then determine the most appropriate action. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can still file the same online form, checking the "anonymous box" and omitting to provide your personal data. You will also receive a personal identification number that will allow you to check for updates and for the ERCO to ask you questions. In such instance, neither EQS IntegrityLine nor the ERCO will have any information regarding your identity.