Code of Conduct for employees of the ICRC

01 January 2018

Our Code of Conduct reflects our commitments to meet fundamental principles and rules concerning ethical conduct in all our organizational activities.

It is about operational excellence with integrity - which is the core of our organization's identity.

Embedding and upholding the standards of the Code of Conduct is critical to earn the trust of those who depend on us, our communities and stakeholders and each other.

So too is creating an open culture in which employees feel confident to raise concerns, knowing they will be handled in a reliably objective and consistent way.

The Code of Conduct is intended to help us grow our culture of empowerment and accountability through coaching and learning of best practices and people. Rather than restricting us, the Code expands our options as it provides clarity on how we work and behave.

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Employees and externals can directly report potential misconduct or any matter related to compliance with the Code of Conduct to: