The results of ICRC writing competition II

The Regional IHL Department in Cairo would like to thank all those who have shown interest in the activities that aim to support and promote understanding and dialogue on IHL by contributing to the Second Arabic writing competition on “The Missing”.

After reviewing 40 research papers from seven Arab countries conducted by university professors, MA, Ph.D., and BA students, and researchers, we are pleased to inform you that the deliberations of the jury, consisting of three IHL experts, have resulted in the selection of the following researches to win the prize:

The first prize is equally divided between

  • Dr. Mohamed Mutlaq Al-Shamri from Saudi Arabia for his research entitled: "The Problems facing the Families of Missing Persons and The Means of Addressing Them".
  • Dr. Jassem Zour from Syria for his research entitled: "The Missing persons: Between Current Challenges and Legal Gaps"

The second prize is equally divided between

  • Mr. Mohamed Abdel-Karim Ali Al-Farra from Palestine for his research entitled: "The Rights of Missing Persons and Their Families under International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law"
  • Dr. Basair Ali Mohammed from Iraq for her research entitled: "The Legal Status of the Missing persons: A Case Study on Iraq"

Third prize

  •   Mr. Ali Mohamed Kazem Al-Moussawi  from Iraq for his research entitled: "International Responsibility for the Failure to Protect People from Disappearance and Determine their Fate"


On the other hand, the ICRC is considering the possibility of publishing the winning researches in one of its publications (book and/or magazine)