Somalia: Well water is creating lush, green farms in Bakool’s semi-arid lands

Huddur, a small town located in the heart of Bako0l region, Somalia, has little in the way of arable land.

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Very few trees and dry shrubs dot the parched landscape. However, clinging on to edge of the town, are a few small farms that stand out lush with vegetation. It's a stark contrast to the dry lands surrounding them.

Ali Adan is an owner of one of the farms. He says he must keep the farms constantly watered by pumping water from a nearby well. Water and a little extra attention from regular ploughing are what his crops - kale, bell peppers, chillies and lemons - need.

With his produce, he manages to provide food for his family and sell some in the local market.

Despite most of Somalia being arid and semi-arid, a number of people still depend on farming as a way of life. The ICRC's economic security program in Somalia supports farmers like Ali Adan with agricultural inputs, equipment and advice to promote self-reliance within communities. Improvement on infrastructure like water catchment systems are also carried out.