Somalia: Scores of people bear brunt of protracted conflict and climatic shocks

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20 March 2019
Somalia: Scores of people bear brunt of protracted conflict and climatic shocks

In 2018, the ICRC continued to respond to the needs of Somali people affected by 35 years of conflict and harsh climatic conditions like droughts and floods, despite reducing and suspending some of its activities following concerns over the security of its staff and overall acceptance in the country.

Protracted conflicts and violence have particularly corroded Somalia's health care system and created fertile ground for disease and malnutrition. Less than 15% of the population in rural areas and less than 50% in urban areas have access to health care.

The ICRC provided medical supplies to primary health facilities and hospitals and trained medical personnel in trauma care and other life-saving skills. It also supported the Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS) to train community first aid responders to enable them to respond to emergency situations

Highlights of our work in Somalia in 2018

 Provided economic support to 282,000 people through cash recovery and small business grants
 Distributed emergency food, essential household items and cash to 370,000 people
 Facilitated over 147,000 Red Cross Messages and phone calls between separated family members
 Provided medical supplies to 4 hospitals and 32 SRCS clinic that benefited over 550,000 patients
 Improved access to clean water for 146,000 people through borehole and rainwater harvesting projects
 Visited 3,736 detainees throughout the country*


For more information, read the full update on our work in Somalia.

* First quarter of 2018.


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