South Sudan: Facts and Figures 2021

South Sudan: Facts and Figures 2021

Communities across South Sudan continue to endure the impact and legacy of conflict and armed violence.
Article 16 March 2022 South Sudan

Millions of people have been displaced from their homes with their livelihoods disrupted, and thousands recorded as missing. In 2021, we responded to emergency needs caused by conflict and armed violence, supported families to begin to recover and increase their resilience, especially in Central Equatoria, Jonglei, Lakes, Unity, and Warrap States. We strengthened the protection of communities and people made vulnerable by the conflict and armed violence.

Together with the authorities and communities, we improved access to health care, water, and education, and further supported the South Sudan Red Cross to build its capacity to meet emergency needs.

To learn more about ICRC's work in South Sudan in 2021 read the complete report.

people newly displaced by conflict or armed violence received food.
medical consultations were provided at 21 ICRC-supported health care facilities and two hospitals supported by the ICRC.
people in six states of South Sudan received seeds and farming tools.
people in rural communities received improved access to water.
detainees visited at 29 places of detention to monitor their treatment and help improve their living conditions.
vulnerable people reunified with their families after they were separated by conflict and armed violence.
phone calls facilitated between separated family members together with South Sudan Red Cross.