South Sudan: Helping prison authorities prevent spread of COVID-19 in places of detention

25 August 2020

Detainees and places of detention are some of the most vulnerable to the spread of the COVID-19. Many places of detention can be densely populated making the spread of the disease easier.

The ICRC visits places of detention worldwide to monitor treatment of detainees. Based on our dialogue with the authorities we support them to ensure living conditions of detainees meet relevant national and international standards.

In South Sudan, the ICRC increased its support to the detaining authorities following the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country in April 2020. Our aim, together with the authorities, is to put in place preventive measures to stop or limit the spread of COVID-19 in places of detention. 

This is why we recently donated medical and preventive equipment to the National Prison Services. These include masks, gloves, aprons and non-contact thermometers. We have also improved the nutrition of the detainees by donating super cereals.