Health care in South Sudan: Beating the odds

Decades of violence in South Sudan have shattered hopes for a functional medical system. The Waat Primary Health Care Center we support was originally supposed to provide services to some 45,000 people, but it is currently serving between 60,000 and 70,000 people. A key service we provide is antenatal care and safe deliveries for pregnant women. One of the main challenges people face is getting to the nearest clinic. They often have to walk for hours and sometimes days.

Highlights of our work in South Sudan, January – September 2016

750,000 people received food rations.
7,000 women received antenatal care, 700 had safe deliveries, and 11,900 children under one year old received vaccine doses.
145,000 people were provided with clean water.
550,000 heads of livestock were vaccinated.
5,000 detainees were visited throughout the country.
42,000 phone calls were facilitated between family members across the world.
2,280 members of armed groups from both sides of the conflict were trained in international humanitarian law (IHL).


For more information, read the full update on our work in South Sudan.

South Sudan: Facts and figures – January-September 2016

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