Sudan: Facts & Figures 2020

11 May 2021
Sudan: Facts & Figures 2020

Communities in the Western and Southern parts of Sudan suffered from the humanitarian consequences of years of conflicts that affected the provision of basic services. Their homes, lands, and crops were destroyed during the fighting and many keep living in overcrowded displacement camps where there is limited or no access to water, lack of medical services and shortage of food.

Currently, in 2021, a new wave of violence in the Darfur region has already left more people in displacement than in past two years.

Additionally, during the first wave of COVID-19, in time of uncertainty and during a total lockdown, ICRC did not stop operations. Following all preventive measures, the teams distributed food, seeds, agricultural tools and cash assistance to affected communities in conflict zones.

Highlights of our work in Nigeria in 2019.

phone calls were made to reconnect separated families
people benefited from the construction, upgrading, and repairing of water systems
people received seeds, tools, and food
people benefited from emergency medical supplies donated by the ICRC
people with disabilities received rehabilitation services

 To learn more about ICRC's work in Sudan in 2020 read the complete report.  


Sudan facts and figures - 2020