Tajikistan: The marks of war

Sadafmo was born in Dashtijum, a remote mountainous village located in the southern part of Tajikistan. In 1995, when she turned 18, her parents decided to marry her to a villager.

Everything was going according to plan. Sadafmo was getting ready to meet her future husband at his place.

Suddenly, Sadafmo heard a blast. She only recollects hearing the loud noise before losing consciousness. When she got back to sense, she realized that she had lost her right leg and her body was full of debris.

The same year, Sadafmo was fitted with a prosthesis in Azerbaijan, with the ICRC's support. When she came back to Tajikistan, she finally celebrated her marriage. She lived for two years with her husband and their son, until her mother-in-law kicked out her son and her, saying that her disability was a burden on the family. 

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