Ukraine: Staying safe, despite mines and explosive remnants of war

27 July 2015

On both sides of the line of contact in eastern Ukraine, mines and explosive remnants of war lie in wait for unsuspecting passers-by. Both weapons bearers and civilians, including children, are being killed and maimed by these indiscriminate killers, almost every day.

Prevention being always better than cure, Red Cross volunteers trained in mine risk education by the ICRC are spreading the word amongst school children and local communities about how to keep safe in contaminated areas.

"People didn't pay attention to the risks before. Now they understand that it's a serious threat and they have to be careful," says Andrey Gavrish, the acting mayor of front-line town Marinka.

"For me, the most important thing is to know what to do if I see a mine," says a student, Alyona, in Mariupol.

"I think these classes are important," her friend Mark agrees. "Because school children should be aware of what to do and how to act in such situations."