Understanding Detention E-learning Course

05 April 2016
Understanding Detention E-learning Course

This course, originally developed by the ICRC for its own delegates, provides users with a basic understanding of what happens when people are deprived of their liberty. It covers the various forms of detention under which people may be held, the processes related to detention, the ways detention affects different individuals, the systems needed for detention facilities to function properly, and the international regulatory framework.

It is available in English, French and Spanish and can be completed in approximately five hours.

Start the e-learning course here:
English: https://app.icrc.org/elearning/understanding-detention/story.html
French:  https://app.icrc.org/elearning/introduction-detention/story.html
Spanish:  https://app.icrc.org/elearning/curso-sobre-privacion-libertad/story.html