What the ICRC is doing in Kyrgyzstan

14 November 2014
What the ICRC is doing in Kyrgyzstan
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. A patient takes medicine in the presence of ICRC medical personnel. [CC BY-NC-ND / ICRC]

Detainee welfare

The ICRC regularly visits detainees to ensure that their treatment and detention conditions meet international standards. We are working with the authorities in this area, and one way we help is by making it possible for families to visit relatives in prison.

We are heavily involved in the fight against the threat to public health posed by tuberculosis in detention, and are working closely with the relevant ministries to improve access to basic health care in temporary places of detention.

Promotion of international humanitarian law

The ICRC is advising government bodies on the implementation of IHL and supporting the integration of IHL and other international standards applicable to situations of violence into the practices of the armed forces and law-enforcement agencies.

In addition, we are promoting the teaching of IHL in universities.

Support for the Red Crescent Society of Kyrgyzstan

The ICRC is helping the Red Crescent Society of Kyrgyzstan boost its capacity to respond to violence and other emergencies, to restore family links and to promote fundamental humanitarian values.


The ICRC is renovating selected health care facilities in southern Kyrgyzstan and providing them with medical equipment. In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, we are facilitating courses on emergency room trauma care, to enable medical personnel to cope with a potential influx of patients.

Missing persons

The ICRC is supporting the efforts of the authorities to clarify the fate of missing persons, enhance the legal rights of their families and prevent disappearances.

Emergency preparedness

The ICRC is helping the Kyrgyz authorities prepare to meet the humanitarian needs that would arise in emergencies.

Our presence in Kyrgyzstan

The ICRC has its head office in Bishkek, a sub-delegation in Osh and a sub-office in Batken.