Winners of the Fourth Arabic writing competition on Tackling COVID - 19

The International Committee of the Red Cross, Regional IHL department in Cairo, would like to thank all those who have shown interest in the activities that aim to support and promote understanding and dialogue on IHL by contributing to the fourth Arabic writing competition on “Tackling COVID - 19: Pandemics and International Humanitarian Law”.

After reviewing 40 research papers from eleven Arab countries conducted by researchers, university professors, Ph.D , MA, and BA students, we are pleased to announce that the deliberations of the jury, consisting of three IHL experts, have resulted in the selection of the following researches to win the prizes:

The first prize is equally divided between

Mr. Omran  Abdelrahim from Kuwait for his research entitled "Obligations of the Occupying Power under IHL in Combating COVID-19"

Mr. Ward Murad from Palestine for his research entitled "The right to humanitarian assistance during COVID - 19 within the framework of IHL and IHRL"

The second prize is equally divided between

Mr. Obied Salloum from Syria for his research entitled "Obligations of the Occupying Power Combating COVID - 19 in the occupied territories"

Mrs. Layal Al Ghoozi from Bahrain for her research entitled "Armed conflicts during COVID-19"

Third prize is equally divided between

Mrs. Nadia Hammami from Tunis for her research entitled "International Cooperation in Response to COVID -  19: Between the Deficiencies of the Legal Frameworks and the Complexity of the Current International Relations"

Mr. Salah Jubair Elbassissy from Iraq for his research entitled "Humanitarian Management of the Dead During COVID - 19: A comparative study with Islamic Law"

On the other hand, the ICRC is considering the possibility of publishing the winning researches in one of its publications (book and/or magazine)