Yemen: ICRC facilitates release of prisoners in Aden

06 August 2015

Geneva/Sana'a - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has today facilitated the transfer of seven released prisoners from Aden to Sana'a.

"The ICRC was directly approached by representatives from Ansarullah and the Southern Resistance and requested to facilitate, in accordance with its role as neutral intermediary, the transfer of the released prisoners," said, the head of the ICRC delegation in Yemen, Antoine Grand.

As per standard working procedures, the ICRC did not take part in any negotiations that preceded the release. However, the ICRC offered its services and facilitated the logistical arrangements surrounding the release, including the transportation of the seven prisoners from Aden to Sana'a by plane.

"Today's release took place in the framework of broader bilateral and confidential discussions between us and the parties to the conflict on issues pertaining to prisoners, the wounded and the dead", added Mr Grand.

The ICRC remains ready to facilitate additional releases as well as future transfers of dead and wounded people from all sides, provided that that it is directly requested to do so by the parties involved and provided that its role as a neutral intermediary is respected.

The ICRC calls upon all parties to the conflict in Yemen to allow the ICRC unfettered access to all prisoners so that their conditions of detention can be monitored and the parties concerned can be supported in meeting their obligations under International Humanitarian Law (IHL). These obligations include the prisoners' right to humane treatment and the right to inform their families of their whereabouts. All those sick and wounded, including prisoners, must also be treated and cared for, without discrimination.

For further information, please contact:

Rima Kamal, ICRC Sanaa, tel: +967 1 213844 or + 967 73 607 1967
Adnan Hizam, ICRC Sanaa, + 967 73 372 1659
Ewan Watson, ICRC Geneva, tel: +41 22 730 33 45 or +41 79 244 64 70