Yemen: Supporting people amidst the crisis

Over the past year the ICRC has been able to reach more people in Yemen thanks to regular dialogue on humanitarian issues with the Yemeni authorities, community leaders, beneficiaries and actors on the ground – enabling it to respond quickly to any potential worsening of the humanitarian situation.

"In the first two months of 2015, thanks to our long-standing dialogue with all parties in Yemen, we have been able to respond to medical and other emergencies despite the complex political situation," said Cedric Schweizer, head of the ICRC delegation in Yemen.

"Apart from providing medical assistance, such as dressing kits, to the health facilities run by both the government and armed groups in Sana'a and Al Baydha, we have also visited people detained by different parties across the country, checking the conditions of their detention and making sure they are being treated humanely and that their families are informed of their whereabouts," Mr Schweizer added.

"Today, despite the political unrest, we are maintaining our fully fledged presence in the country, enhancing the acceptance and understanding by all parties and people of our role as an independent and neutral humanitarian organization."