Partnering with your company

Our collaborative efforts have the potential to transform lives, restore hope and build a more equitable and compassionate world.

A Somali woman phones a relative in Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya.

Together we can make a difference

The ICRC corporate partnership team will develop a bespoke relationship with you that meets your priority objectives. We are proud to partner with leading companies and organizations worldwide to save and improve the lives of people affected by conflict and armed violence. There is tremendous potential for innovative companies to become pioneers in partnering with the ICRC and to provide support for our operations worldwide. By working with us, you support the unique International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the largest humanitarian network in the world.

Benefits for you

Visible demonstration of corporate social responsibility

Positive media coverage and publicity

Collaboration based on joint needs

We will work with you to understand and meet your priority needs

Enhanced reputation with customers

A simple, yet effective way to work with the ICRC while also successfully communicating the quality of your brand values to your customers

Knowledge and expertise exchange

We encourage our partners to learn from us and share successes in order to innovate together

Where does your money go?

of donations are used directly for the ICRC's work in the field.

The ICRC's budget is financed entirely by voluntary contributions. Every donation is important to the ICRC, and we are grateful for each contribution we receive. Your generosity will help us alleviate the suffering of conflict victims worldwide and is a source of encouragement to the ICRC in Geneva and its delegates in the field.

An ICRC field officer and a Bangladesh Red Crescent Society member are assisting a refugee from Myanmar with physical disabilities.