The ICRC’S Vision 2030 on Disability

Vision 2030 aims to transform the way the ICRC addresses disability inclusion in operations. The strategy is informed by and aligned with key institutional documents and global commitments, draws on all the different aspects of work on disability issues across the organization, sets a collective goal, and requires we work collaboratively with our Movement and other partners.
As a cross-organization collaboration, Vision 2030 brings together four departments working on different aspects of disability inclusion:

Inclusive Programming in OP_DIR addressing disability inclusion mainstreaming across operations
PRP+ delivering quality, accessible and sustainable rehab services to all persons with physical disabilities and driving towards their participation in all aspects of society.
The International Law and Policy Department supporting advocacy, legal and policy efforts by demonstrating the complementarity between IHL and the CRPD.
And Diversity & Inclusion in the organization in DIR_GEN seeking to build an enabling work environment for persons with disabilities.