First-Aid Training Programme: An Overview

The overall goal of the ICRC’s first-aid support program is to ensure that during emergencies (wars, conflict and/or other situations of violence), wounded and acutely sick people benefit from humane, impartial, effective and secure provision of first aid. This care should be provided by confident, skilled and properly supported emergency-care responders abiding by humanitarian values and principles. These guidelines for first-aid training programmes have been developed primarily for ICRC managers, ICRC coordinators (health coordinators, cooperation coordinators, protection coordinators, etc.), ICRC health-programme managers and/or other ICRC personnel working in the area of first aid – to help them reach a fuller understanding of the ICRC’s first-aid training programmes. The document is written as an ICRC first aid training overview document (trainings types & audiences) and does therefore not contain specific clinical guidance for first aid.