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Advanced IHL Seminar for Academics and Policymakers

What are the key ongoing legal debates around contemporary IHL issues? Why does that matter for academics and policymakers? How can professionals from those sectors support each other in addressing …


ICRC Conference on Weapon-Wounded Care

SAVE THE DATE Conference on Weapon-Wounded Care Strengthening the continuum of care in armed conflict   The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)  is pleased to invite you to  a conference …

Akobo, county hospital. An ICRC surgeon operates a patient who was shot in the leg.

Head of Policy and Humanitarian Affairs

UK & Ireland Regional Delegation, London London, UK Job Share (60% FTE) International law and policy About us Set up in 2003, the London regional delegation focuses on pursuing humanitarian diplomacy …

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Logistics Assurance Officer

MSSC, Makati Open-ended Logistics The Logistics Assurance Officer provides support on the monitoring of key risk indicators and controls effectives throughout Supply Chain Management processes. He …

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Forensic Field Officer

Manila Delegation, Makati Open-ended Forensics The Forensic Field Officer will support the Forensic Specialist in planning and implementing Protection and forensic programs in the Philippines. S/he …

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Service Delivery Manager

MSSC, Makati Open-ended Finance and administration Service Delivery Manager 1 oversees specialized functional support teams. The role involves managing service delivery, promoting customer …

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Field Accounting Manager

MSSC, Makati Open-ended Finance and administration Accounting Manager 1 is responsible for the accounting data produced and/or validated by the region or delegation or department under her/his …

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Field Accountant

MSSC, Makati Open-ended Finance and administration Accountant 2 is responsible for the management of field accounts payable and general ledger files, recording, analysing, and reconciling of all …

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(Kenyan National Position) Human resources ICRC Regional Delegation in Nairobi is recruiting an experienced, highly motivated, and qualified person to fill the position of Accountant 2. OVERALL …

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Senior Armed Forces and Security (FAS) Delegate

Brussels Resident 38 hours/week Relation with arms carriers Brussels is home to the main institutions of the European Union (EU) – the Council of the EU, the European External Action Service (EEAS), …

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ICRC library

Created in 1863, the ICRC library, alongside the ICRC archives, provides an indispensable documentary reference on the organization itself and international humanitarian law.

IHL treaties

International humanitarian law is based on a number of treaties, in particular the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols, and a series of other instruments.

Customary IHL

Customary international humanitarian law consists of rules that come from "a general practice accepted as law" and that exist independent of treaty law.