South Sudan: Highlights of our work

January to December 2018

26 February 2019
South Sudan: Highlights of our work
At a food distribution in Leer area, South Sudan. Photo: Erika Tovar

The five year conflict in South Sudan left many humanitarian consequences that will last. The conflict has claimed innumerable lives and left millions forcibly displaced from their homes and unable to meet even their most basic needs. Levels of acute insecurity reached an all-time high in 2017 with six million people unable to provide sufficient amount of food.

Highlights of our work in South Sudan between January and December 2018


 Trained over 3,400 military on IHL and more than 1,700 police personnel on IHRL to promote knowledge and respect for international humanitarian law and international human rights law.


Raised awareness among over 7,800 beneficiaries, other community members and health staff on safe access to life-saving, useful and actionable information about the ICRC and its humanitarian services.


Distributed monthly household food rations to 420,000 people.


Improved access to safe drinking water to 400,000 people.


Evacuated 534 people wounded in armed confrontations.


Provided antenatal consultations to 17,400 women and safe deliveries for 2,900 women.


Facilitated 44,100 phone calls between family members separated by the conflict.


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