Friends of the ICRC

Friends of the ICRC

The Friends of the ICRC are a group of individuals with a personal commitment to our work.

By becoming a Friend of the ICRC, you will be joining forces with the greatest humanitarian movement of our time. You will help us to ensure that we are always ready to help those in need, including in forgotten conflicts.

You will also enjoy certain privileges for being part of our close-knit circle. This is our way of showing you just how much we appreciate your generosity and value you as a partner.

There are different categories of Friends, depending on the total amount donated during the year.

A vital contribution

In order to minimize victims' suffering in major emergencies, we must be able to arrive on site rapidly – not wait until funds can be raised. The Friends of the ICRC help make this possible.

Their support means that we can help people put the trauma of the past behind them and start rebuilding their lives. Our physical rehabilitation services, for example, help disabled people around the world re-join society by allowing them to start a small business, get vocational training or play sports. Such programmes provide long-term emotional and practical support to the people who need it most.

Make your contribution by credit card now.


Information on other means of donating can be found here.

Every year, we single out our most loyal and generous supporters by inviting them to join our close-knit Circle of Friends. You can join one of the following three categories:


Friends of the ICRC receive:

  • A personal invitation to the Annual Conference hosted by the ICRC Vice-President;
  • A twice yearly newsletter with mission reports, exclusively for Friends of the ICRC;
  • Free entry and a dedicated tour of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum in Geneva for you and a friend – all you have to do is inform your contact person first;
  • A dedicated contact person, Audrey Brasier.



Patrons are entitled to the same benefits as Friends, plus:

  • A guided tour of the ICRC archives for you and a friend – all you have to do is make an appointment with your contact person;
  • A guided tour of the ICRC logistics cent re for you and a friend – just make an appointment with your contact person;
  • Your name displayed on our webpage (optional).



Benefactors enjoy the following additional privileges:

  • An award and certificate presented by the ICRC Vice-President;
  • A meeting during the year with the ICRC Directorate to hear more about our operations;
  • An invitation to attend mission debriefings with ICRC delegates returning from the field;
  • Your name listed in the ICRC annual report (optional).

If you pay tax in Switzerland, you may be able to deduct donations to the ICRC from your taxable income. The yearly minimum and the amount deductible can vary from canton to canton.

Hunger in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria

If we can't live off the animals or the land, then I don't know how my children will survive.

People in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan an Nigeria have been struggling for years with the effects of armed conflict. The outbreaks of violence and ongoing tensions have forced millions from their homes and made it difficult to get food and basic services.

They are now also dealing with a severe drought. The lack of water for farming and livestock has deprived many people of their livelihoods and made food even scarcer. These regions are now at risk of major food crises.

You can contribute to our campaign here. We thank you for adding the reference 831703.

Audrey Brasier