Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the ICRC promotes respect for international humanitarian law in the treatment of civilians and detainees and helps those adversely affected by conflict and internal violence to survive and become self-sufficient.

We also improve water supply and sanitation, strengthen health care for the wounded and sick, including victims of sexual violence, and reunite families in DRC.


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Latest Update
In numbers

in 2017:

  • 26,500
    prisoners were visited, with more than 10,900 receiving nutritional or medical assistance
  • 545,000
    people benefited from access to water in rural and urban areas
  • 278
    separated children, including 104 former child soldiers, were reunited with their families
  • 1000
    people wounded by arms were treated or operated on in two surgical structures
  • 118,000
    people received food
  • 4,600
    army members were sensitized in International Humanitarian Law
  • 2,880
    detainees received monthly food assistance through an ICRC nutritional programme
  • 52,000
    people received cash assistance
  • 140,000
    displaced people received basic necessities
  • 79,000
    people, mostly children, were vaccinated
  • 13,500
    women accessed prenatal consultations
  • 92,000
    people increase their income thanks to agricultural support and fish farms