Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the ICRC promotes respect for international humanitarian law in the treatment of civilians and detainees and helps those adversely affected by conflict and internal violence to survive and become self-sufficient.

We also improve water supply and sanitation, strengthen health care for the wounded and sick, including victims of sexual violence, and reunite families in DRC.


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Latest Update
In numbers

From January to June 2022

  • 290 083
    people received health-care services – including surgery for weapon wounds, psychosocial support, physical rehabilitation, and nutritional and medical assistance – in health centers, hospitals and prison dispensaries.
  • 956 708
    people benefited from access to water or improvements to water-supply facilities in urban or rural areas.
  • 293 843
    people received food, cash assistance, vouchers, household items or agricultural support.
  • 89 693
    detainees benefited from our Restoring Family Links services and improvements to the material conditions of detention in facilities we visited.
  • 2 213 658
    members of the armed and security forces, armed groups and members of civil society received information on international humanitarian law and humanitarian principles, either directly or through the media (estimate).