In Niger, the ICRC helps people affected by conflict in the south-east or fleeing fighting in north-east Nigeria. With the Niger Red Cross, we deliver aid, treat the wounded, provide water and support farmers. We monitor IHL compliance, protect detainees and help them maintain contact with their families.

In numbers

What we did in Diffa, Niger, in 2015

  • 1,100
    surgical operations were performed
  • 116,000
    people received 7,600 tonnes of food
  • 9,000
    farmers received seed and fertilizer to boost their agricultural output
  • 1.5 million
    animals were vaccinated against parasites, improving the lives of 35,000 livestock breeders’ families
  • 100,000
    people had better access to water
  • 16,663
    shelter kits were distributed
  • 420
    detainees received visits during which we checked up on their treatment and their conditions of detention
  • 460
    phone calls took place, restoring contact between relatives who had been separated from one another

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