Bosnia and Herzegovina

The ICRC's work in addressing the war's legacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Portrait of four children who were injured by an abandoned unexploded device.

Our work in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The ICRC has been active in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) since the beginning of the conflict in 1992. During the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, we visited over 54,000 detainees in 520 places of detention, exchanged 18 million Red Cross messages, reunited over 4,500 families, distributed over 100,000 tonnes of food, regularly supplied over 1,000 hospitals with emergency medical supplies and held seminars on international humanitarian law (IHL) for thousands of soldiers. Most activities were conducted in close collaboration with the local Red Cross.

Today, the ICRC supports BiH citizens in their efforts to recover from the consequences of the conflict, particularly in relation to missing persons and mine threats. We work to strengthen the capacities of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina to respond to the current needs in the country. We also support the authorities in integrating IHL into domestic legislation. 

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Our work with the Red Cross Society of Bosnia-Herzegovina

The ICRC collaborates closely with the National Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina to address a range of pressing humanitarian concerns. These include the intricate challenges of missing persons, the surging influx of migrants and vital mine awareness activities.