The ICRC has been present in Djibouti for the last 30 years. The country is covered by the ICRC regional delegation in Nairobi. We have been working to put families separated by armed conflict back in touch and are currently running programmes to promote international humanitarian law (IHL).

An ICRC field staff interviews a detainee in Gaboré central prison.

Our work in Djibouti

The ICRC Djibouti mission has been working to reunite families separated by conflict. We run programmes to promote international humanitarian law and human rights law among police and military officers and within academic circles. Djibouti has served as a strategic operations and logistics hub for the ICRC's work in Yemen to help people affected by the ongoing conflict.

ICRC offices supporting the region: Our work in Djibouti is supported by our regional delegation in Kenya.

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Our work with the Djibouti Red Crescent

In the regional delegation, cooperation work is based above all on providing support to the National Society to develop its capacities. Cooperation is an active part of the humanitarian response before, during and after emergencies or conflicts. Among our most important activities are responding to migration in the region, training first aid teams that work in dangerous areas and delicate situations and strengthening accountability, transparency and financial sustainability mechanisms.