This bulletin contains an overview of our operations focusing on COVID-19 and other activities during the first half of the year 2021.

In 2021, the ICRC Nairobi delegation continued with its activities in places of detention focusing on the living conditions of inmates. We also worked to promote knowledge and respect for International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and cultivate acceptance for humanitarian norms and principles among security forces, religious circles, academic circles, and other key stakeholders in the region.

Services to restore family links among refugees and migrants continued in the region, in addition to supporting the vulnerable communities in violence-affected areas through our Economic Security and Water & Habitat Projects. Our work often takes place in partnership with Kenya Red Cross Society, Tanzania Red Cross Society, and Djibouti Red Crescent Society.

<h2>The CAS Interior Ministry Winnie Guchu, Deputy Secretary General KRCS Annette Msabeni, Prisons Deputy Commissioner - General Florence Omondi and Head of Regional Delegation of ICRC in Nairobi Olivier Dubois during the workshop in Naivasha.</h2>

Antony Gitonga | The Star

Dissemination session with members of the security forces.


Donation of sport equipment under ICRC’s Physical Rehabilitation Program to the Tanzania Paralympic Committee.


KRCS Secretary General, Dr Asha Mohammed welcomed the new ICRC Deputy Regional Director for Movement Affairs in Africa, Karen Hostens during an introduction meeting in May.