In Azerbaijan, the ICRC supports the families of missing persons and helps detainees held for conflict-related or security reasons, or who are otherwise vulnerable. We respond to such health issues as tuberculosis in prisons, and we monitor the situation of communities along the border with Armenia.

Latest Update
In numbers

January - June 2022

  • 5,125
    Individuals from 28 conflict affected communities benefitted from RASB sessions and Forum theatres which allowed them to increase resilience to mine risks and weapon contamination
  • 1,091
    Officers and cadets of the MoD participated in IHL trainings
  • 700
    Biological reference samples were collected from 303 families of missing persons from the 90s conflict to facilitate future identification of human remains
  • 198
    Individuals repatriated by the authorities from the Middle East have benefitted from financial assistance
  • 116
    Households in 5 conflict affected communities participated in a beekeeping training and 73 of them received relevant tools, bee colony, beehives and medicines
  • 357
    Persons received direct Mental Health and Psychosocial support in relation to complex trauma
  • 215
    Children in kindergartens in 5 conflict affected communities benefitted from distribution of toys and play materials
  • 45
    Visits to 22 places of detention were conducted to monitor conditions of detention, treatment, access to healthcare and judicial guarantees