In Azerbaijan, the ICRC supports the families of missing persons and helps detainees held for conflict-related or security reasons, or who are otherwise vulnerable. We respond to such health issues as tuberculosis in prisons, and we monitor the situation of communities along the border with Armenia.

Latest Update
In numbers

January – June 2023

  • 4,839
    People benefited from risk and safer behaviour sessions and Forum theatre performances, raising their awareness to mine risks and weapon contamination and building resilience.
  • 4,068
    People residing in conflict-affected communities benefited from various projects aimed at increasing their livelihood.
  • 1500
    Mine warning signs were donated to Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) to mark mined areas.
  • 2901
    People benefited from consultations at primary health centres and received routine vaccinations at the three primary health care centers rehabilitated by ICRC.
  • 996
    Families of missing people were contacted and provided with 91 referrals for health, legal and administrative issues as well as psychosocial support.
  • 946
    Psychological support sessions were conducted by ICRC psychologists for children and adults