Refugees and displaced people in Syria

Six years of fighting has brought death and destruction to the internally displaced people of Syria. More than 5 million people have fled, seeking refuge in neighbouring countries and beyond.

The relentless war has led to a rise in the number of internally displaced Syrian people. Millions of people have left their homes behind – many of them merely children.

These Syrian refugees face unimaginable hardships while trying to make their way to safer lands. The displaced Syrians tell sad stories of displacement of their homes, fear of the harsh winter and the lack of water, food and electricity. Their options are cruel: either buy food for your children or defend them from the cold. Most have no way of paying for either of the alternatives. 

Most of the displaced people, fleeing the violence in Syria, make their way to Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan. Unfortunately, the residents and refugees in these countries are surviving in precarious conditions, especially when the harsh winter weather approaches. The existing infrastructure cannot support the influx of displaced people.