War in Yemen

Ravaged by years of conflict and war, Yemen has become the scene of the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world.

war in yemen

The conflict in Yemen: In Sana'a, 13 year old Ali stands in the middle of the rubble which was once his home before the war ripped apart his life. © EPA / Yehia Arhab

Violent clashes, continuous air strikes, chronic cholera epidemics, never-ending civil war. With over 20 million people in need of assistance, Yemen is the scene of the world's largest humanitarian crisis.

Once a country of breathtaking beauty, today, Yemen is subjected to bombardment, epidemics, disease outbreaks, intensive shelling, drug shortages, and more. All aspects of daily life have been affected by the war in Yemen. Time is running out for the people caught in the midst of the ongoing conflict in Yemen. 

The ICRC is working round the clock to bring help to these people caught in the middle of the war in Yemen, in every way possible. 

Victims of the war in Yemen