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Overview: Support from the corporate sector

23-04-2010 Overview

Specific information about the support that private companies can bring to the ICRC, in cash, in kind or in the form of an exchange of expertise. Donations, partnerships, supply of goods and services.

Supporting the humanitarian cause - a high-value investment

Promoting products and services on quality alone is becoming ever more difficult. Image is what tips the balance today. And that image has to live up to high expectations. As the economy becomes less predictable, consumers, investors and employees are in search of security and durability. They are turning to companies that demonstrate social responsibility and respect for ethical and community values.

A company that enables the ICRC to assist the victims of armed conflict is not just expressing its commitment to humanitarian action - it is associating itself with an universally recognised and valued leader in this area.

A mutually beneficial partnership
Companies seeking involvement in humanitarian action by supporting the ICRC will achieve:

  • enhanced value to the brand and/or product
  • opportunity to demonstrate its social responsibility
  • enhanced corporate reputation amongst customers
  • access to new customers
  • positive media coverage and publicity
  • increased staff motivation


Batticaloa, Kiran IDPs camp. Child's portrait. 

Batticaloa, Kiran IDPs camp. Child's portrait.
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