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The ICRC is grateful for all contributions since our work is financed entirely by voluntary donations. Your help enables us to relieve the suffering of people around the world affected by conflict.

If you wish to make a significant gift you can increase our capacity to help people affected by conflict. Your donation could help us provide security, basic food and emergency medical care where it is needed most.

How your donation could help

In Syria, for example, your donation will help us to support those who have lost everything in the conflict…

CHF 5,000CHF 10,000CHF 20,000

Essential household kits 
for 100 families


Food parcels to feed 
280 families

2 surgical kits to help 100 
war wounded people


Recognising your support

A financial contribution represents a significant commitment on your part. In recognition of that commitment, the ICRC will:

  • invite you to special events and briefings;
  • send you detailed reports of how your money is being spent;
  • mention you by name in our annual report or other publications (with your permission);
  • assign you a dedicated contact at the ICRC who will answer your questions;
  • organise donor project visits.

The Friends of the ICRC

The Friends of the ICRC are a group of individuals who have committed themselves to making large, regular donations of at least CHF 5’000 per year. By becoming a Friend of the ICRC, you can be even more involved in the emergency assistance we provide to those affected by conflict. 

Contact us

If you would like to make a significant contribution to the ICRC or to find out more about our activities please contact Sabrina Bordji-Michel, Philanthropy Manager, on +41 22 730 30 31 or email sbordji@icrc.org 

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Contact us

  • Philanthropy Manager
    Sabrina Bordji-Michel
    Tel: +41 22 730 30 31

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