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Development of National Societies as a contribution to national development

31-12-1986 Article, International Review of the Red Cross, No. 256

25th International Conference of the Red Cross, Geneva, 23 to 31 October 1986, Resolution 22

The Twenty-fifth International Conference of the Red Cross,

 having taken note of the League Secretariat's report on the development of National Societies as a contribution to national development (follow-up to Resolution XXV of the Twenty-fourth International Conference of the Red Cross),

 recalling the objective of the Strategyfor the Development of National  Societies in the Eighties, being: the existence of a self-reliant Red Cross or Red Crescent Society in every country of the world, prepared to perform efficiently its task as a voluntary organization acting as an auxiliary to the public authorities,

 expressi . ng appreciation for the efforts of volunteers, sister Societies and others for the increase in number of recognized National Societies and Societies in formation,

 observing that many National Societies in developing countries need further assistance to function as self-reliant Societies capable of providing services on their own,

 1. stresses the need for developing National Societies to draw up and implement development plans, following the guidelines of the above-mentioned League report,

 2. urges the League to assist National Societies in drawing up and implementing their development plans, in reviewing and evaluating the progress and in mobilizing adequate support,

 3. requests the more firmly established National Societies and their governments to increase their development support to the most needy sister Societies in developing countries, taking into account the criteria and priorities for support laid down in the above-mentioned League report,

 4. recommends the ICRC to further increase its assistance to developing National Societies, particularly in those countries and regions affected by conflict,

 5. recommends that the Henry Dunant Institute develop programmes and publish studies on how Red Cross and Red Crescent disaster relief operations can better promote the development services of National Societies,

 6. calls upon governments and organizations other than those of the Red Cross and Red Crescent to give substantial contributions towards the development of self-reliant and capable National Societies to enhance their potential to become valuable partners in national development.