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The French Fund Maurice de Madre

31-08-1996 Article, International Review of the Red Cross, No. 313, by Jean-Louis Cayla

  Jean-Louis Cayla,  Principles and Relations with the Movement ICRC  

The French Fund Maurice de Madre (hereinafter the Fund) was established thanks to the generosity of Comte Maurice de Madre, who died in 1970. In his will he bequeathed part of his property to the International Committee of the Red Cross, on condition that it be used for certain purposes.

The Fund is used to provide assistance for staff members of the components of the Movement and their families who meet the criteria set out in the Regulations. National Societies with knowledge of cases in which the Fund might be used must prepare a brief file in support of each application. These files are usually drawn up by ICRC or Federation delegates in the field, by agreement with the National Society. Assistance from the Fund goes mostly but not exclusively to staff of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in countries where insurance coverage is minimal, if it exists at all. ICRC and Federation delegates on mission are adequately insured against risks, but there are always exceptions, and the Fund may then be the only possible resort. In 1995, the total benefits paid out by the Fund amounted to 180,000 Swiss francs, a sum which for the first time exceeded the annual income from the capital of three million Swiss francs.

At its meeting on 13 December 1995, the ICRC Assembly slightly amended the Regulations for the Fund. Certain provisions, which dated back to 1974, no longer corresponded to the current situation, since some of the original members of the Board (replaced by the Assembly at their own request) were still mentioned by name. The Assembly also gave effect to the proposals of the Board, made by agreement with the representative of the Comte de Madre's family serving on it, to extend the scope of the Fund, albeit cautiously in view of the relatively limited resources available. The Regulations henceforth provide for such forms of aid as professional training and reintegration, and for more generous assistance to families, in certain cases which do not correspond precisely to the criteria of the Regulations.

The amended Regulations appear below.  

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