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Asia and international humanitarian law — a bibliographical note

31-03-2001 Article, International Review of the Red Cross, No. 841

 Some recent articles from the  Review   dealing with Asia:  

Catherine Rey-Schirr, “The ICRC's activities on the Indian subcontinent following partition (1947-1949)”, IRRC , No. 323, June 1998, pp. 267-291

David Lloyd Roberts, “Training the armed forces to respect inter-national humanitarian law — The perspective of the ICRC Delegate to the Armed and Security Forces of South Asia”, IRRC , No. 319, July-August 1997, pp. 433-446

G.I.A.D. Draper, “The contribution of the Emperor Asoka Maurya to the development of the humanitarian ideal in warfare”, IRRC , No. 305, March-April 1995, pp. 192-206

See also a collection of articles on traditional approaches to the protection of victims of armed conflict in Asian countries, such as China, Japan, India and Malaysia:

D. W. Greig (ed.), “A collection of papers on the protection of the human being in armed conflicts”, The Australian Year Book of International Law , Vol. 9, Faculty of Law