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Encountering perceptions in parts of the Muslim world and their impact on the ICRC's ability to be effective

30-06-2005 Article, International Review of the Red Cross, No. 858, by Andreas Wigger

This article will examine a number of the different perceptions held by Muslims — and in particular by Islamists — with whom ICRC delegates come into contact. Many of the patterns of thought and reaction described below are found, with variations,in non-Muslim religious communities.


Andreas Wigger
is Deputy to the Director of Operations of the International Committee   of the Red Cross 

The growing and intensified manifestations of religion in politics and vice versa are part of the environment of ICRC operations in Muslim countries and mark especially the interaction with Islamists. Different perceptions held by Muslims are examined, problem areas regarding interaction with the ICRC are analysed and aspects are mentioned which, in the opinion of the author, can help the ICRC improve its activities in Muslim countries. The conclusions of the examination could be relevant in any relationship with conservative movements within other religions.  

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