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My Red Cross Story - Voices from India

12-06-2014 Feature

The theme to celebrate the World Red Cross Red Crescent Day this year was 'My Red Cross Red Crescent Story, through which the Movement is documenting stories of all those who have been touched by the Red Cross or the Red Crescent in some way, either as a volunteer or as a beneficiary. While many soul-stirring and inspiring stories of the Movement reached the ICRC worldwide, we're sharing with you some of the Indian voices.


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My Red Cross Story: ‘We would take half a tin of condensed milk in a bowl of rice and eat it like kheer… It was terrific!’

Air Commodore (Retd) J.L. Bhargava was taken a prisoner of war (POW) during the India-Pakistan 1971 War. On the eve of World Red Cross Red Crescent Day (8 May), he shares his Red Cross story in an audiovisual interview with the ICRC.