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Northern Ireland: Women and war - A photo exhibition

22-08-2013 Event

11 September – 11 November 2013. Photographic representations of war typically focus on the fighters, who are usually men. This exhibition leaves this myopia aside to bring the experiences of women into focus.

Event Info

An ethnic Georgian woman carries her belongings over the border into Georgia as she flees the fighting in South Ossetia. Families often become separated in the chaos as they try to escape, further exposing women to violence, sexual harassment and other hazards.

Where: Crumlin Road Gaol, 53-55 Crumlin Road, Belfast BT14 6ST

When: 11.09.2013 - 11.11.2013

ICRC Women and War photo exhibition, Crumlin Road Prison, Belfast, September11 - November 11 2013

Women and War sets out to expose the particular vulnerabilities of women during conflict, but also their singular resoluteness in the most wretched of circumstances.  It draws attention to the need for protection of women in situations of armed conflict with a particular focus on the challenges faced by female detainees as well as the omnipresent risks and devastating impact of sexual violence.

Crumlin Road Gaol holds a special significance for the ICRC. The organization conducted visits to the prison, along with other places of detention in Northern Ireland, between the 1950s until 1999. These visits sought to monitor the conditions and treatment that the prisoners received, including in Armagh prison, where female detainees were held.

Free entry with tour of Crumlin Road Prison. Information and directions for planning your visit at