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Sandesh Sivakumaran awarded 10th Paul Reuter Prize

07-10-2013 Event

The Paul Reuter Fund Committee has unanimously decided to award the 10th Paul Reuter Prize to Sandesh Sivakumaran for his book The Law of Non-International Armed Conflict (Oxford University Press, 2012). The Paul Reuter Prize is bestowed every three years to an outstanding work in the field of international humanitarian law. Mr Sivakumaran’s manuscript was selected from among 28 major works submitted by experts in this area.

Event Info

Where: Geneva, Switzerland

When: 07.11.2013


Book cover "The Law of Non-International Armed Conflict", (Oxford University Press, 2012)

The prize-giving ceremony will be held at the Humanitarium – the new visitors and conference centre of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) – on 7 November 2013. On that occasion, the ICRC will also convene a panel of experts to discuss Mr Sivakumaran’s work and in particular his proposals to further develop the law of non-international armed conflict. The event will be attended by representatives from the academic, legal and diplomatic communities in Geneva.

Sandesh Sivakumaran is Associate Professor and Reader in Public International Law at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. He specializes in international human rights, international humanitarian law and international criminal law.

The Paul Reuter Fund Committee and the ICRC would like to congratulate Mr Sivakumaran on this well-deserved award.

For the 10th edition, the jury members were Paolo Bernasconi (President), Daniel Thürer (Vice-President), Knut Dörmann (ICRC), Vincent Bernard (ICRC), Antoine Bouvier (ICRC), Jean-François Quéguiner (ICRC), Claus Kress (Institute for International Peace and Security Law, University of Cologne) and Michael Schmitt (United States Naval War College).

The Paul Reuter Fund was set up in 1983 thanks to a donation made to the ICRC by the late Paul Reuter, Professor Emeritus at the University of Paris, member of the Institute of International Law and former Chairman of the International Law Commission. The Fund’s purpose is twofold: to encourage the publication of works on international humanitarian law or other initiatives in that field; and to finance the Paul Reuter Prize (5,000 Swiss francs).

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