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London UK: Business, violence and conflict - What role for multi-stakeholder initatives?

27-05-2014 Event

5:30 - 7pm, Tuesday 17 June, Grand Locarno Room, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH

Event Info

When: 17.06.2014, 17:30 - 19:00



International Review of the Red Cross - Business, violence and conflictMany companies find themselves operating in areas of violent conflict around the world. Ensuring their presence doesn't lead to further violence is a complicated challenge that no individual business, or State, can achieve alone.

A growing number of "Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives" (MSIs) involving private sector, civil society and government representatives have been developed in recent years in response to this challenge. Are these initiatives helping reduce violence, lessen the humanitarian impact and promote respect for human rights? Are businesses and States doing enough to ensure MSIs work as intended? What are the lessons to be learned in how such efforts should be developed and implemented?

As some key MSIs reach maturity and multistakeholderism comes under scrutiny as a workable solution, join the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) for a discussion on these critical issues.

This event will launch Volume 94, Number 887 of the ICRC’s journal the International Review of the Red Cross on Business, violence and conflict.

This panel discussion is being hosted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and will be introduced by Paul Arkwright, Multilateral Policy Director, FCO.

A drinks reception will follow the event.


Jan Klawitter, Government Relations Manager, AngloAmerican
Seema Joshi, Head of Business and Human Rights, Amnesty International
Scott Jerbi, Director of Communications, Institute for Human Rights and Business
Claude Voillat
, Economic Advisor, International Committee of the Red Cross
Moderated by Dr Hugo Slim, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict

Follow the discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #bizconflict.


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