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National IHL competition in Israel - 2009

03-11-2009 Event

Israel, 16-19 November, 2009

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Where: Geneva


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In the framework of the growing cooperation with Israeli academic institutions since 2003, the ICRC delegation in Israel, the Occupied and Autonomous Territories is focusing on enhancing the place of international humanitarian law (IHL) within Israeli academic discourse, and raising awareness and interest in IHL amongst Israeli students of law and international relations.

Following the success of the second edition of the national IHL competition in 2008, the delegation is currently in the process of inviting students from a number of Israeli academic institutions to participate, train and compete in the 3rd edition of the competition, which will take place in central Israel on 16-19 November, 2009.

During the competition, participants will undergo several rounds of simulations that will not only test their knowledge of IHL, but also their ability to apply it to real-life situations. In between tests, the students will be attending additional training sessions conducted by international experts who will be serving as jurors of the competition. Finalist teams will be selected for the final event that will be open to the public. The winning team will be awarded a bursary to fund its participation in the international Jean-Pictet IHL competition, where, should it be accepted, it will compete in 2010. 


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  Partcipating teams - 2009 competition, PDF format
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