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National IHL competition in Israel - 2009

24-12-2009 Event

Israel, 16-19 November, 2009

Event Info

Where: Geneva

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Acting out a criminal trial to conclude the competition 
The winning team from IDC Herzeliya. 

In November 2009, 8 teams from 11 universities competed in the 2009 National Competition of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), organized by the ICRC delegation in Israel and the Occupied Territories. This is the third competition of its kind, building upon the success of the first two national IHL competitions in 2007 and 2008, and consolidates the cooperation between Israeli academic institutions and the ICRC. As in previous years, the third national competition contributed to enhance IHL's place within the Israeli academic discourse and raised awareness and interest in IHL amongst Israeli students of law and international relations.

During the competition, participants underwent several rounds of simulations that not only tested their knowledge of IHL, but also their ability to apply it to real-life situations. In between tests, the students attended additional training sessions on a variety of topics, such as target selection, ICRC mandate and activity, ICRC protection activities in Israel, means of warfare, etc. International experts serving as jurors of the competition conducted these training sessions. Two teams were selected for the final event that was open to the public and held in Jerusalem. The winning team will be awarded a bursary by the ICRC to fund its participation if it travels to the international Jean-Pictet IHL competition in 2010.

 The winning team was from the interdisciplinary center (IDC) Herzeliya, and was comprised of Mr. Uri Feldman, Ms. Danielle Brown and Mr. Jonathan Braverman . Mr. Gal Sion from the Haifa University team was awarded the Uriel Masad Award for the competition’s best speaker.

The third national IHL competition was co-sponsored by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Embassy of the United Kingdom and the ICRC. The case study and scenarios for the 2009 competition were developed jointly by the ICRC legal team and the law firm of Herzog, Fox & Neeman.


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