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International Conference for Senior Law Enforcement Officials - ICSLEO 2010

29-11-2010 Event

The ICRC is organizing its first-ever international conference on law enforcement issues. It will bring together senior law enforcement professionals and experts from various countries to share experiences on subjects, such as the maintenance of public order, internal security threats or the integration of international rules and standards into the functioning of law enforcement institutions.

Event Info

Where: Geneva

When: 30.11.2010 - 02.12.2010

This event is expected to foster deliberations within the different police forces on how to translate legal principles into daily police practice. To establish an even closer link to operational police work, a visit to the Geneva Gendarmerie will be conducted during the first day and includes the observation of some training exercises.


The conference is in line with the ICRC's mandate and commitment to protect and assist people, not only in situations of armed conflict, but also in other situations of violence.
The nature of such situations varies a lot; they include social or political unrest, inter-ethnic or intercommunal violence, urban violence and violence linked to highly organized crime, etc.. All these situations have one thing in common: like armed conflicts, they cause widespread suffering among the population.

In such situations, the ICRC steps in to alleviate the suffering of the people affected: particularly, when the existing institutions and mechanisms are no longer able to cope with the humanitarian consequences of the situation. Police forces play a key role in this endeavour. They have the responsibility to maintain public order, prevent and detect crime, and protect and assist the population. To fulfil this mission they are granted considerable powers: the power to use force and firearms; the power to arrest and detain; and the power to search and seize. In view of these responsibilities and the way the police discharge their powers, the ICRC engages in a constructive dialogue with law enforcement officials.


ICSLEO 2010 invitations are being processed through selected police forces. The ICRC looks forward to welcoming participants to the city of Geneva for this event.