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Our world. Your move. Events in Serbia.

27-08-2009 Event

Event Info

Where: Geneva

  The Serbian Red Cross tent on Belgrade’s main square. The odd-looking structure in the foreground is a tapstand for providing a temporary water supply in emergencies.    
  Serbian Red Cross volunteers demonstrate their first-aid skills.    
  A campaign poster on the streets of Belgrade.    

The anniversary of the Battle of Solferino was commemorated in Serbia on 24 June, with the Serbian Red Cross and the Swiss embassy in Belgrade playing an important role.

Campaign posters appeared on the streets of Belgrade over a two-week period and a diplomatic reception took place at the headquarters of the Serbian Red Cross.

National Society volunteers put on demonstrations of their work in the city’s central square. A tent was set up next to the blood donation bus, displaying water purification equipment and housing demonstrations of such vital work as first aid, health, assistance for the elderly and promotion of international humanitarian law.

Similar events took place at other locations in Serbia, including Uzice, Zajecar and Novi Sad.


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