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ICRC international surgery seminar, 2011

21-12-2010 Event

The ICRC is holding its 22th Surgical Seminar in Geneva from Friday 25 March to Sunday 27 March 2011. Surgeons and other surgery professionals from around the world are taking part in the event, whose presenters include ICRC specialists on the treatment and management of war-wounded.

Event Info

Where: Geneva

When: 25.03.2011 - 27.03.2011

Time: Friday, 25 March 11:00 to Sunday, 27 March 15:30

Venue: Friday, 25 March: Headquarters of the ICRC in Geneva.  The ICRC President will host an official lunch at 12.00. The Friday afternoon session will be held in the Audito-rium of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum.

Friday, 26 March evening. The participants are transported by bus to the ICRC Confer-ence Centre ECOGIA, in Versoix just outside Geneva. (

Saturday, 27 March and Sunday 28 March: Conference Centre ECOGIA

The prime objective of the seminar is to sensitize the participants, with little or no experi-ence in treating war-wounded patients, to the specificity of war surgery within the ICRC.

The Seminar is also open to active qualified military surgical personnel interested in gain-ing an overview of the ICRC experience of surgery for the victims of armed conflict.

Maximum number of participants for the seminar is 40.

The content of the seminar combines field experiences and related aspects of interna-tional humanitarian law; appropriate surgical and anaesthesia techniques; wound man-agement and patient care in a precarious environment.

The language of the seminar is English. The format is intentionally informal and discus-sions during previous seminars have been lively.

The Swiss Society of Surgery accredits the 22nd Surgical Seminar with a total of 15.0 CME credit hours.

The cost of the seminar is 600.-Swiss Francs per participant and includes two nights accommodation (Friday and Saturday) and all meals during the seminar. The cost of the travel to and from Geneva and any extra hotel nights is the responsibility of the participant or their sponsors.

In addition to the Surgical Seminar, the Institut of Legal Medicine of the University of Berne opens its facility to Seminar participants for a demonstration of wounding mechanisms on Thursday, 24 March in the ballistic laboratory, in the IPH (Intercantonale Polizeischule) in Hitzkirch (Luzern). The hosts are Beat Kneubuehel,  Dr. sc.forens., Institut für Rechtsmedizin der Universität Bern  and Dr Robin Coupland, former ICRC Surgical Coordinator.

The bus to Luzern leaves on Wedneday 23, 3 p.m. from ICRC headquarters with an overnight in the IPH and returns Thursday 24 at the end of the afternoon. The cost is 250 Swiss francs and includes the bus and accommodation.

Any additional hotel expenses cannot be met by the ICRC, and are the responsibility of participants or their sponsors. If you are interested to participate to this visit we thank you to mention it in the application form.

If you are interested in participating in the seminar, please send your application to:

Evelyne  Zellweger-Schaffer
ICRC Assistance Division – Health Unit

Phone: + 41 22 730 21 85
Fax: + 41 22 748 91 61


Heath Unit
Assistance Division
19, Avenue de la Paix
CH-1202 Geneva

Deadline for application: 15th of February 2011

  • A selection will be made according to:
  • Candidates profile
  • affiliation to NS or other humanitarian organization
  • commitment to work in the humanitarian field in war zones

- Application form for National Societies staff proposed by the NS themselves. (Application NS 2011)
- Application form for military and other persons (Application 2011)

Please fill the form and send it to Ms Evelyne Zellweger-Schaffer by email or fax.
If you are interested for a hotel booking with ICRC special prices, please inform also Ms Evelyne Zellweger-Schaffer. We remind you that the night of 23rd is booked for you in IPH Center and nights 25th and 26th are booked in Ecogia Seminar Center.