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Our world. Your move. Events in Uganda.

03-07-2009 Event

Event Info

Where: Geneva

A special outfit for the URCS teams. 
…and the ICRC and Police teams. 
Procession in the streets of Kampala. 
A great adaptation of the campaign slogan! 



 Pascal Jequier  , ICRC communication delegate  

 Walter Akwat  , ICRC media officer  


In Kampala, 8 May started in style, with ICRC and URCS (Uganda Red Cross Society) staff leading an enthusiastic procession through the streets of Kampala. Official celebrations followed at the Old Kampala Secondary School Grounds. Two football matches celebrated the spirit of the campaign at its best. The teams wore T-Shirts with Henry featured on the front and " Make your move for a better world as Henry did 150 years ago " on the back. Winners were rewarded with Henry Dunant and Red Cross trophies.


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