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Guinea: facts and figures 2011

20-06-2012 Facts and Figures

Activities of the ICRC in Guinea in 2011. Some facts and figures.

People deprived of their freedom


  • conducted 290 visits to around 30 prisons and transitional places of detention under the authority of the ministries of Justice, Security and Defence;
  • provided nutritional support for 1,000 detainees;
  • assisted 5,406 detainees by means of a disease vector control campaign in most of the country’s prisons.

Medical assistance


  • helped draw up emergency plans for the Ignace Deen National Hospital and the Camp Samory Touré military hospital;
  • provided training on war surgery for 44 doctors specializing in surgery at the faculty of medicine in Conakry.

Water and habitation


  • drilled 40 boreholes in 30 villages for 38,000 people who had previously had to travel long distances every day to get water;
  • supported an improvement in the distribution of drinking water for the urban population in Dinguiraye, Pita and Siguiri, benefiting a total of 31,000 people.
  • connected Conakry’s main prison to the sewage system in order to prevent waste water from leaking into the surrounding neighbourhood.

Promotion of international humanitarian law and humanitarian principles


  • in cooperation with the Guinean authorities, organized 24 IHL awareness-raising sessions for a total of over 1,600 military personnel;
  • in cooperation with the Guinean authorities, organized 12 IHL awareness-raising sessions, reaching over 730 members of the police service and the gendarmerie;
  • organized five IHL dissemination sessions in the universities in Conakry, and an IHL moot court competition in which eight universities took part;
  • organized a conference on Islam and IHL at Conakry’s international school, attended by over 150 students, imams and several members of Guinean religious organizations.

Support for the Red Cross Society of Guinea


  • supported Guinean Red Cross health operations involving assistance to almost 350 people and the evacuation of some 120 wounded;
  • helped the Guinean Red Cross build two new headquarters, in Lola and Mandiana;
  • supported the participation of two members of the National Society in the 31st international conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

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