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Is the ICRC still visiting Iraqi prisoners held by coalition forces?

13-06-2003 FAQ

Yes, although many have been released since the ending of hostilities.

During the months of April and May, the ICRC was notified of, in all, 8,992 prisoners of war (POWs) and interned civilians held by coalition forces.

In total, ICRC delegates visited 8,012 POWs and internees held in 19 places of detention in Iraq. They were seen in accordance with the ICRC's standard procedures, under which prisoners are registered and given an opportunity to write a " safe and well message " to their families.

By the end of May, more than 5,905 of the detained (5,487 of whom had been visited and 418 had not) had been released, in accordance with Article 118 of the Third Geneva Convention, which stipulates that " prisoners of war shall be released and repatriated without delay after the cessation of active hostilities " .


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