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“I am not useless”

28-11-2003 Feature

Early one morning, at the age of 10, Rohafza Naderi stepped on a landmine just before entering the gate to the school. Despite her young age, she considered her life already finished. But thanks to a supportive family and a bright father it turned out differently. Rohafza now works in an orthopaedic centre in Kabul and fights for the rights of disabled women.



Memories from school are not all pleasant for Rohafza Naderi. Because she was handicapped, some of the other children wouldn’t talk to her, and others would beat her. She especially remembers the time when she was in the fifth class. “They took my notebook away from me, said I had a dirty face and slapped me.” She pauses for a deep breath and contin-ues: “In Afghanistan, it is difficult for the disabled to have a good rela-tionship with other people.”  
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