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Life goes on

28-11-2003 Feature

Magomed Danaev was eleven when the war first broke out in Chechnya in 1992. He initially took refuge in his village and then abroad; he returned to Grozny in 2000 to live with his family. Curfews, regular water and electricity cuts and the search for food are part of daily routine. Mogamed is trying to build his future in a city in ruins



" In October 2000, I finally returned to Grozny. It was horrible; the roads and buildings, everything was destroyed. The water pipes were broken and electricity poles lay on the ground. There was little activity in the streets. I sometimes felt I should not have returned. But these thoughts were immediately chassed by my desire not to give up. Thanks to the sol-idarity of some neighbours, we partially rebuilt our home which had been seriously damaged. "  

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